"Yaroslavna" Regional non-commercial organisation Center of psychological support for women
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"Yaroslavna" is a Center for Psychological support for women, regional NGO, registered in the Ministry of Justice 14 of February, 1995. "Yaroslavna" is a member of the Association of the Crises centers of Russia, Consortsium of Women's NGO, Russian Association of the Crises Hot Lines.

Our mission is to bring culture of peaceful & nonviolent relations between people, culture of keeping psychological health strong by means of psychological, social & legal help & of informational support to women & children fell victims to violence &, therefore, experienced crisis & stress.

What services does it provide?

  1. Psychological help.
    • Hot line for women.
    • Tete-a-tete personal and family consultations.
    • diagnostics of states of psychological health.
    • psychological support groups for women surviving domestic violence.
    • psychological help for social orphans.
    • Psychological support through Internet : www.pomogi.org.ru
  2. Legal consultations & social regular attendance for women surviving domestic violence. Under the guidance of experienced advocates, our lawyers-interns carry out such consultations, giving correct answers to different questions on civil law & criminal law both by phone & personally. They also carry out the legal attendance helping people in certain cases & even defend the rights of victims in some especially difficult cases. Social workers & lawyers help those women whose rights have not been defended by certain state bodies. They help them to write legal documents correctly, convoy (accompany) them to relevant instances etc.

  3. "School of Surviving for social orphans".
    "Yaroslavna" had been working with the problem for 3 years. Social orphans fell victims to home violence within their own families. That is why they now live in orphanages, internats or foster families. Individual & group psychotherapy helped them in self-acceptance & social adaptation. Some months ago the project was over, because a financing finished. In the frame of that project we conducted training - seminars ("Tutor-children: efficient interactions means") & psychological support groups for the personnel of orphanages and internats. The work of multi-disciplinary team had been organized: a psychologist, a psychiatrist, tutors, teachers, an administrator & volunteers worked together. On the one hand, it helped the personnel to understand the kind of children they dealt with & to learn modern methodology of doing so; on the other, it allowed them to lift the burden of negative emotional experience they inevitably bear in such a work. We had written & published a book called "Psychologist in Orphanages: Practice Done", on a basis of 3-years-long work done in helping orphans to survive & to live.

  4. Educational programs.
    • teaching volunteers to work as a consultant of hot line.
    • Training - seminars for psychologists, social workers, teachers as well as for leaders of NGOs whose intentions are to improve interactions & dealing with women & children survived violence.
      Many students which work with us & are interested in these problems bound up with the violent behavior write their theses yearly using such a practice.

      Our sessions have such themes as…
    • I am a Woman & it means that…
    • Conflict in my family -what has to be done?
    • "Good mother" - what is it?
  5. Enlightenment
    Actions, discussions, talks with young people. We help them to understand what violence really is, how to identify it, what I myself can do to eradicate it, why we consider nonviolence as one the main virtues of modern society.

  6. Research
    • woman as an object of domestic violence: social, psychological & cultural aspects.

Our Center is open to cooperation with other organizations & other persons which are not indifferent to the destiny of Russian women.

tel.: 7(095) 282 8450
fax: 7(095) 282-9201
e-mail: аlba@psychol.ras.ru

For the past eight years, "Yaroslavna" has been providing various forms of psychological care and legal assistance for abused women. With the assistance of the Global Fund for Women, we have been providing group psychological support and psychotherapeutic and psychiatric assistance for women with moderate to severe persistent mood disorders.

The participants of our therapy sessions come to us suffering from domestic violence. Often, their violent relationships produce problems in their marraiges, low self-esteem, social and financial dependence on others, and alcoholic partners.

Our therapy sessions have, therefore, focused on developing skills of emotional self-regulation, social adjustment, self-sufficiency, and conflict-resolution.

Several of our therapy participants required psychiatric help. They were provided with cognitive therapy. These psychiatric sessions provided our participants with symptomatic relief, a better understanding of the psychological nature of their symptoms, an increase in social activity, self-sufficiency, and adjustment to society.

Our psychological support groups have produced tangible improvements in the lives our participants. Five women who were once housewives have found jobs; two women have been promoted at their jobs; one woman founded her own business to help women; and some participants have decided to continue their education.

This program, which provided 171 hours of clinical management, was done in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry and was funded by the Global Fund for Women.

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